MAXflex dual ist ein hochoptimierter KVM Extender over IP für Distanzen bis 160km in Fiber bei einer Auflösung von 1920x1200@60Hz

For point to point connection or in Matrix Switching Systems up to 1000 endpoints

Included kvm-tec Switching Manager Software - switch up@work- for intuitiv management in the Switching System.

Features - freeze last image, mouse glide& switch as software feature inclucded

USB2.0 in-house development, USB save feature, USB Emulation Mode & USB Sharing

Also suitable for 24 V systems

<5ms latency time

  • DVI-D/ DVI-I  USB2.0 Extender over IP  
  • dual in fiber
  • max resolution 1920 x 1200 @60 Hz  
  • max distance 160km/99mi
  • only two cable for USB and Video,
  • Sound embedded  & sound analog (opt)
  • full HD videos in real time

The highly optimized Dual KVM Extender over IP has a range of 150m/492ft at a resolution of 1920x1200 @60 Hz and is available infiber as dual version. For point to point or in Matrix Switching Systems up to 1000 endpoints

The perfect tuning of kvm-tec video compression with a low latency time enables a delay-free transmission of the signals. USB and video is transmitted via fiber cable. Due to the DVI extension  Full HD videos can be transmitted in real time.
USB memory, sound, RS232, analog VGA- as DVI transfer are already included.
With the included switching upgrade up to 1000 endpoints, the MAXflex Extender can be integrated into a matrix switching system up to 1000 endpoints in conjunction with a standard network switch. kvm-tec Switching Manager - the  intelligent software enables convenient management and intuitive operation of KVM extenders in the switching system. A Windows PC or Tablet with network interface is required for commissioning and operating the software.

Mouse Glide & Switch - with only one mouse and one keyboard, multiple PCs can be operated from one workstation. The arrangement of up to 8 monitors via the Switching Manager can be horizontal or vertical and is comparable to a virtual desktop wall. With the stand alone solution up to 4 screens/PCs can be operated and controlled.

Kvm-tec upgrades for MAXflex

already included

  • USB Memory
  • Analog VGA - transmitted as DVI
  • Sound embedded & Sound analog in both directions in CD quality
  • Matrix Switching System up to 1000 endpoints
  • RS232



  • Automatic Plug & Play installation
  • USB transmission rate max 480Mbit/s
  • firmware flash upgrade without cable
  • VGA in - DVI out
  • RS 232 interface
  • DVI extension without loss of quality
  • Warranty 2 years, warranty extension to 5 years possible

Delivery Content - Weight - Dimension

Delivery Content - Local (CPU)

1 x MA2- F local (CPU)

1 x wall power supply unit l 12V 1A (EU-plug or INT. plug)

2 x DVI - DVI cable 1, 8m/5.9ft

1 x USB cable 1, 8m/5.9 ft.

2 x SFP Module-Multimode up to 500m/1640ft

alternativ  with Single-Mode up to 20km/12mi (Item 6855)

4 x rubber feet

Quick Instruction


Delivery Content - Remote (CON)

1 x MA-F remote (CON)

1 x wall power supply unit l 12V 1A (EU-plug or INT. plug)

2 x SFP Module Multimode up to 500m/1640 ft.

alternativ with Single-Mode up to 20km)/12mi

4 x rubber feet


Weight & Dimension

Local (CPU):

109 x  43 x 107,5 mm
4.29 x 1.69 x 4,23 inch
295 g / 0.65 lb

Remote (CON):

109 x  43 x 107,5 mm
4.29 x 1.69 x 4,23 inch
295 g / 0.65 lb

Shipment weight

SET 1895 g /4.17 lb (1005g/2.21lb /890g/1.96lb)



Technical Datasheet


Part No. Order No. Short Description
6026 MA2-F Maxflex Extender Dual Fiber – Set EAN 0798190109343 UPC 051497113124
6026L MA2-FL Maxflex Extender Dual Fiber –Local Unit /CPU EAN  0798190109350 UPC 051497113131
6026R MA2-FR Maxflex Extender Dual Fiber –Remote Unit /CON EAN 0798190109367 UPC 051497113148
9003 GV5JU Warranty extension to 5 years per UNIT
9002 GV5J Warranty extension to 5 years per SET
6231 UMK-FLEX Rack Mounting Kit for under the table for FLEXline EAN 0798190109466   UPC 051497113247
6232 RMK-FLEX-F Rack Mounting Kit with front panel for FLEXline  EAN 0798190109473 UPC 051497113254
6233 RMK-FLEX-FN Rack Mounting Kit with front panel and Power supply  EAN 0798190109480  UPC 051497113261
6234 RMK-FLEX Rack Mounting Kit with front panel and redundand Power supply for FLEXline EAN 0798190109503 UPC 051497113285
6235 DINMK-FLEX Din Rail Mounting for FLEXline EAN 0798190109510 UPC 051497113292
6236 VH -FLEX Vesa Mounting Kit for Flexline EAN 0798190109527 UPC  051497113308
6835 AL MV-F-SM Alternativ Single Mode Module up to 20km/12mi